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Former dancer at Joffrey Ballet New York, Juilliard School and LaGuardia high school;  SAG/AFTRA  actress and (2015) Santa Barbara Local Hero Josette Tkacik thought she had lost her world in 2011.

Josette was diagnosed with severe sudden onset of advanced rheumatoid arthritis, an excruciatingly painful and disabling auto immune disease for which current western medicine claims there is no cure. The only available treatment is radical and life shortening pharmaceuticals aimed (at best) to slow the progression of the disease.

Within five days of diagnosis Josette’s left elbow fused at the joint and doctors were certain that the rest of her joints structure would rapidly follow.  In horrific pain and in total spiritual darkness Josette made the choice to deny any pharmaceutical treatment and set out on creating her own healing journey. As a new mom, her son Tomas was (and still is her inspiration and motivation. Doctors assured Josette that there was no way out, and she would be wheelchair bound within a year.

Determined and motivated by love, Josette radically changed her diet and more importantly began an internal quest to connect with higher energies and the power within.

At the same time, Josette began teaching Zumba fitness as a disabled instructor.  This was intended as a last hurrah before total disability. 

She brought to her class vulnerability, and passion enveloped in love and community. In 2016, Josette was declared a “Medical Miracle” (no evidence of disease) as blood work confirmed that she in fact completely healed her RA.

Josette’s signature and globally known class (now and its ninth year) remains the shining star of Zumba fitness. Since 2013 Zumba fitness CEOs tout Josette as the most successful Zumba instructor globally.  Josette has been featured on NPR, Yahoo finance, Forbes, and many more.  Countless podcasts have had her as their guest and Her DAILYOM.COM course hit the top three in sales beating out extraordinary leaders including Deepak Chopra and Gabby Bernstein.

Josette is a congressional award recipient for bridging community and health and is passionate about empowering people through positive energy and health incorporating music dance and community.



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Welcome.  This Site, my classes and my passion is to share the joy, bliss and connection to our inner guru.  My journey has proven that we can overcome and create ANYTHING we want.  I am passionate about expressing that unlimited potential, and sharing the tools of how to connect with your own inner guru. 

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