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Former professional dancer Josette Tkacik has inspired hundreds of thousands thru her empowering story of self-healing a debilitating and (so-called) incurable disease and creating the world’s most well attended dance fitness class (now 8 years strong).  Her success thru radical self love and care opens the door to connecting with our own empowerment.  Josette leads hundreds every day in a soulful empowering class that is beyond compare.  She is passionate about sharing how to heal, and about building community.

Her work in inspiring and motivating not only fitness instructors worldwide but people from all walks of life to achieve their personal success is un-precedented.  Highly sought after as a public and motivational Speaker, Josette has spoken at the Zumba Convention in Orlando and Zumba Academy in Los Angeles.  She has spoken at highschools, troubled teens, young women and online thru her hit course on

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