Classes 6 days a week

Monday thru Friday at 5:45 pm *NOTE Wednesday class is 50 minutes during the fall/winter
Saturday at 11:30 am

Unmatched Fitness Variations

Dance based fitness with integrated HIIT; Interval and basic strength moves for a full body and soul workout.

Special events and community classes

Meditation; Flexibility; dance technique and more. Stay informed by joining our mailing list.

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All Class series must be used within 6 (six) weeks of first class.  Holidays and closures excluded.  Please see terms for full information.

Live Class Experience

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One class


3 classes to use within 6 weeks


5 classes to use within 6 weeks


8 Classes to use within 6 weeks.


12 Classes ito use within 6 weeks


18 Classes to use within 6 weeks


Unlimited classes in 6 weeks. No wait in Line. VIP entrance.

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