Live Classes held Monday THRU Saturday.  Monday-Friday @5:35pm Saturdays @11:20amALL in the HISTORIC CARRILLO BALLROOM!  100 East Carrillo Street, Downtown Santa Barbara, California

WELCOME TO THE BEST COMMUNITY IN THE WORLD!  WE RECENTLY shifted to the Mindbody digital System.  Our main goal is to provide EXCELLENT customer satisfaction.  You can easily create or login to your account below (Click Login) and purchase your punchcards online here.  You can also do all of this at the door at class

One Class Only $15.00
3 Classes $30.00
5 Classes (use within 6 weeks) $40.00
12 Classes (Use within 6 weeks)) $74.00
18 Classes ( Use within 6 weeks) $100.00
Six Week Unlimited 36 classes possible $150.00
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Monday-Friday: 5:15pm
Saturday: 11:00 am
Sunday: Closed

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100 East Carrillo Street

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All series expire in 6 weeks.