What is the process of healing?  What choices did I make to change the trajectory and momentum of an illness that knows no cure?

I receive these questions often, and in truth the answer is complex and detailed.   The journey was often two steps forward, one step back.  It was an emotional journey that for me was the most magnificent path of self discovery and understanding.  I know healing is possible for all of us on all levels and so very needed.

Standing on the other side now, with no symptoms and no pain I can see clearly the steps I took that were responsible for my healing, and I am passionate about sharing this process with the world.  Along with specific diet changes, there was a needed shift in perception, in thought, in habit.  There were many false pretenses that were examined and let go….letting go became such a huge piece of my healing.

I am sharing piece by piece step by step the path I took, because I KNOW what worked for me can work for many!  Please join our email list or email me directly @love2zumba@hotmail.com