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Considered the world’s most successful Zumba Fitness Instructor and by many to be the world’s most successful group Fitness Instructor.
But there is so much more to this class.

YOU are magical.  My story, my journey has shown me that we are all extraordinary in our own unique divine stunning way.  It is my passion to not only share these convictions of my experience but to empower you to connect with your own inner magic so that you too can thrive and live your highest best most extraordinary story.  My healing and my discovery of my own inner magician started in this class.  It remains a safe environment for our tribe and community to gather, to support to release and to heal.  The experience of this class has led thousands to healing and health and fitness of a level never before reached.  I invite you to join us.  

I can’t wait to dance with you.

LIVE CLASSES happen Monday thru Saturday in downtown Santa Barbara.   


Monday thru Friday 5:35 pm to 6:35 pm

Saturday 11:20 am.


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