In the midst of a prognosis of total disability, former professional dancer, Josette Tkacik began her own healing journey that proves our inherent ability to self heal, and create the life of our dreams.    She made history in her home state of California,  achieving global recognition of most successful group fitness instructor ever  – Averaging over 1000 customers a week in only 6 classes.   People from all walks of life flock to experience Josette’s signature soulfull, healing and exhilarating class.  Now 8 years strong, Josette has received many awards and accolades, including Santa Barbara Local Hero, a Congressional Award; Zumba Fitness Unsung Hero and remains a sought after empowerment and motivational Speaker.  She is a top digital author with DailyOM.com.  

BELOW: As a top Motivational Speaker, Josette speaks to thousands of Zumba Instructors at the 2013 ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR CONVENTION, Orlando, FL.josette heal

In Less than 2 years, Josette went from Debilitating Disease – Being told she would never dance again – to an inspirational Zumba Instructor, creating what is now considered one of the largest daily attended Zumba Classes in the world, and an International Motivator …without a single drug.

In 2010, Josette found herself in a desperate state of rapidly losing control of her health and ability to move. Her joints would swell and she was unable to get dressed, walk, much less dance. She was eventually diagnosed with the auto-immune disease rheumatoid arthritis and was told her life of movement would soon be over. She was tragically told she would be disabled within a year if she did not begin an aggressive pharmaceutical campaign to slow the disease.

In the midst of the tragedy, Josette made the decision that would change her life. Josette chose to not touch one pill. She never filled her prescriptions, and never returned to the rheumatologists and medical experts that seemed so certain of her fate.

Instead, Josette went on the healing journey of a lifetime. A lifestyle change, dramatic food choices and emotional healing was about to take place. She chose to heal her life not only her body, but also the factors that were causing stress and negativity as well as painful relationships. With the help and support of her husband and son, Josette’s journey was the one less traveled….
And it made all the difference. In less than 2 years Josette was named a Medical Miracle (No evidence of Disease) and set out to share the joy and love of the intrinsic power we al have with a global audience.  

Part of the magic of your experience in Josette’s signature Zumba fitness class is that the energy serves multi-dimensional aspects of your personal wellness.

You are not only doing something amazing for your physical health, but there is an intrinsic spirit of the class….that is more powerful than any other stress reducer on the planet.

We all have our story, Josette firmly believes we are NOT our bodies, but we need them to get through this one life we have to live. We are all united in that we all share a story of human life, and Josette strives to help and inspire others to be immune to the negativity, drama, stress that surrounds us every day.

How? Experience a Zumba with Josette class…go from there.1185476_10151755439772964_1142666311_n